Digital Marketing

Today’s world the digital marketing has vital role in growing the business through advertisement on internet and social media channels. Maximize your reach to the market with less cost and time.

  • done_all Email Marketing
  • done_all Advertisement on Digital sign Boards
  • done_all Web banners
  • done_all Social Media Marketing
  • done_all Revamp of websites / webpages
TricaBiz Services - Digital Marketing

Development of Software & ERP Modules

TricaBiz Services - Digital Marketing
Business can be expanded by focusing on business development instead of business bureaucratic processes. Software help to make the processes easy and you can analyze your performance through reports. It will be help to make your decisions timely and effectively. Today’s almost every business has its own business software /ERP. We have experts having experience of 18 years to manage ERP and business operations software’s:

We develop enterprise IT Solutions that are customized, conforming to the dynamics of your organization. Our team of expert software engineers conduct an in depth analysis of your business to deliver solutions that will integrate easily in your existing business.

We specialize in building small to large scale ERP solutions which help in meaningful representation of data in the form of analytics, dashboards & customized reports.

  • done_all CRM (Customer relationship Modules)
  • done_all Sales management Systems ( SMS )
  • done_all Office Management System (OFS )
  • done_all Accounting and Finance Module (AFM )
  • done_all Documents Management System (DMS)
  • done_all Inventory Management Systems ( IMS )
  • done_all Gust Management System (GMS )

We have also other Applications for your business like:

  • done_all Hospital Management System
  • done_all POS software
  • done_all Hotel Management System

Web Development/SEO

You can grow and present your business through quality websites. It gives opportunity to make your website according to your business processes and applications. Reach to the market local and international will help to excel your business and profits.

TRICA BIZ give the opportunity to make the website in latest technologies and frameworks and maintain 24/7 customer care.

We work with latest technologies for Examples of this include ASP.NET, Java EE, WebObjects, web2py, OpenACS, Catalyst, Mojolicious, Ruby on Rails, Laravel, Grails, Django, Zend Framework, Sails.js, Yii, CakePHP, and Symfony.

  • done_all Web sites designing
  • done_all Logo designing
  • done_all Web Hosting
  • done_all Email accounts for your business
  • done_all Service Level Agreement to maintain your websites.
  • done_all E-commerce
  • done_all Trading
  • done_all Banking and Finance
  • done_all Social websites
  • done_all Electronic Media
  • done_all Simple web pages
TricaBiz Services - Web Development

CCTV Cameras Solutions

TricaBiz Services - CCTV Cameras
We can provide you complete solutions in Chines, European Brands with NVRs/DVRs, PTZs, Software and after sales services.

  • done_all Dome CCTV Camera
  • done_all Bullet CCTV Camera
  • done_all C-Mount CCTV Camera
  • done_all Day/Night CCTV Camera
  • done_all Wireless CCTV Camera
  • done_all Network/IP CCTV Camera
  • done_all Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Camera

E-Tag Vehicle Access Control

We have complete solution for vehicle access control with barriers. It give the ease to manage the vehicle activities at in/out gates. Only authorized vehicle can access the premises in residential apartments, Hotels, offices, tolls plaza or highly sensitive areas

TricaBiz Services - Vehicle Access Control

Biometric & RFID Solutions

TricaBiz Services - Vehicle Access Control

Moving toward the future access control, Biometric and RFID technology brings reliability, accuracy, security and convenience to the workplace, Employees do not have to rummage around for their badges anymore.

This auto integrated system offers the benefit of security and exception. Our tailored solutions provide advance high security and convenience to the track and ensure that only authorized people access to the premises and system. Our System Includes:

  • done_all Long range RFID Readers and Tags
  • done_all Short range RFID Readers and Tags
  • done_all Biometric devices

Electrical & Fiber Optic Tools

Trica Biz is the reseller of Viavi & Fluke products throught imports and local channels. The product includes:

  • done_all OTDRs
  • done_all Fiber Inspection Cleaning
  • done_all VFL & Fiber Identification
  • done_all Opitical Hand Held Meters
  • done_all Hand Held Optical Test Kits
  • done_all FTTx/PON Optical Power Meters
  • done_all Optical Dispersion Analysis
  • done_all Asset, Data, Workflow, Management
  • done_all Optical Network Monitoring
TricaBiz Services - Vehicle Access Control

Business Process RE-engineering (bpr/bpo)

TricaBiz Consultancy Services - BPR
We have experienced team who can work with your organization performance and identify, plan, design and measure the organization business activities.
We have experienced business intelligence, financial, software experts which will analyse and bring your organization on track to excel in achievement of your goals.

Our Consultancy Services are :
  • done_all New business registrations & fulfill of Infrastructure requirement
  • done_all Make your organization oregano, policies, guidelines,and procedures
  • done_all Make your organization Financial and accounting structure management
  • done_all Business process improvement and re-engineering
  • done_all Inventory Management
  • done_all Project Management
  • done_all Taxation consultancy
  • done_all New product Marketing Plans & manage Campaigns
  • done_all Financial and business progress reporting
  • done_all Facilitation / preparation for ISO and other certifications
  • done_all HR Trainings soft skills